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Staff Spotlight: David Cruz
Luke Garrison

Staff Spotlight on Liberty Elementary School Custodian David Cruz

Setting up, taking down and building up students and staff. It's all in a day's work for Liberty Elementary School Custodian David Cruz. Where there's a need, there's David. But one thing above all else gives him the most happiness.

"Getting to know the kids and I know they'll remember me in the future. I'll be proud to be part of that future for them," said Cruz.

And he's surely made an impact. Just ask his colleagues. "Anytime I'm hungry, or anytime he sees me struggling with something, he's always there. He's never thinking about himself. He's always thinking about others and he has relationships with the kids. The kids know who he is. He plays music for them. He's always laughing in the cafeteria and he just really loves his job," said Alyssa Graceffa, an instructional coach at Liberty and one of David's many friends.

David is a man of many hats, but one he wears so, so proudly is father.

"I have a 36-year-old son. He works for JBL Audio. He's a manager there. I have a 34-year-old son who works at Honeywell. I have a 19-year-old daughter who's going to the University of Arizona to be a doctor," said Cruz.

He has his own children, but looks after Liberty's as well, and is proud to be part of the Eagle family.

"Family is when everybody pulls together to accomplish one thing. Like Carnival Night, Curriculum Night, Kinder Roundup - everybody chips in to make that possible." 

And David Cruz helps make Liberty what it is. That's why he's this staff spotlight.