Liberty Swales

Posted on 08/20/2018
Swales Pic CollageLast week, the 6th grade Ag Science classes created swales on a created mound of dirt.  The students learned that swales are trenches with burms dug in a zig zag fashion along the side of the mound in order to capture water that would otherwise run down the mound, washing away valuable top soil.  The dirt was taken from our raised bed garden and brought back to the front of our classroom because it was so hot.  But the 3 classes were very engaged taking turns creating the swales and watering them to see if what they made held water or not.  The garden dirt was used to show the problems farmers may have with the clay soil soaking up irrigated water or rainwater.  The clay soil was resistant when no swales were dug, showing the water washing down the mound.   When the students dug the swales, they observed that when water from the watering can was poured over the mound the water stayed long enough for it to sink in instead of washing away.  They also had a lot of fun getting our hands muddy!