"Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence."

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Preschool             Kindergarten           Special Area
Mrs. Hamilton
            Mrs. Bunch-Rindels
Ms. Davidson            
          Mrs. Fortino
                          Ms. Goodere
                          Mrs Hice
1st Grade             2nd Grade           Instructional Support
Mrs. Eblin             Mrs. Gibson           Mrs. Cagle

          Ms. Garcia
                          Ms. Gutierrez
3rd Grade             4th Grade           Ms. Hengsteler
Mrs. Murphy             Mrs. Crane           Ms. Cervantes
Mrs. Roubison              Mrs. Larson
           Ms. Paul 
5th Grade             6th Grade          
Mrs. Russell             Mrs. Buttopietro
 Mrs. Shamblin             Ms. Garcia            
 Mr. Williams                          
Junior High                          
Mrs. Applegate                          

Ms. Nunez                         
Ms. Roer